Model Type ThermoTouch
Detailed Specifications


Provide Runtal ThermoTouch radiation of the lengths and in locations as indicated, and of capacities, style and having accessories as scheduled. The ThermoTouch radiation shall be of one-piece all-welded steel construction, consisting of active flattened hot water heating tubes welded to headers at each end, plus a front set of inactive tubes for added thermal protection, with a total depth of no more than 2-3/4”. The ThermoTouch radiator shall include an integral heavy gauge (0.09” minimum) all-welded perforated flat top grille which covers the entire radiator from the front inactive tubes to within Ό” of the wall.

ThermoTouch models to have steel corrugated fins welded to both sides of the active water tubes to increase the convective output of the unit. There shall be no less than 32 fins per foot. Fins shall start within 1” of the headers, and shall be spot-welded three times per tube.

The headers shall include all necessary inlet, outlet and vent connections as required. Standard connection sizes are ½” NPT tapered thread for supply and return piping, and 1/8” for the vent connection. Internal baffling is provided where required for proper water flow.

ThermoTouch panels shall be available in lengths from 2’-0” to 29’-6” in six inch increments without the need for splicing. The panel radiation shall be capable of being mounted to typical stud wall construction without additional blocking or strapping. Appropriate wall mounting brackets shall be provided with the radiation.

Pressure ratings for the radiation shall be as follows:

STANDARD: Working pressure-56 PSI maximum, Test Pressure-74 PSI maximum
MEDIUM: Working pressure-85 PSI maximum, Test Pressure-110 PSI maximum
HIGH: Working pressure-128 PSI maximum, Test Pressure 184 PSI maximum

ThermoTouch expansion shall not exceed 1/64” per foot of radiation at 215ΊF. The installer shall provide adequate expansion compensation for each radiator.

ThermoTouch radiation shall be cleaned and phosphatized in preparation for the powder coat finish. The radiation is then finish painted with a gloss powder coat finish, for a total paint thickness of 2-3 mils (0.002” - 0.003”). The color shall be selected form the Runtal’s standard colors, or optional colors shall be available at and additional cost.

ThermoTouch trim covers shall be furnished with the radiation to provide a finished installation.


ThermoTouch radiation shall be manufactured in the USA by Runtal North America, Inc.


All ThermoTouch radiators will have a five year standard limited warranty.


The radiation manufacturer shall provide combination shutoff valve/union fitting of less than two inches in width for the supply and return to each panel radiator, to be field installed by others.

Runtal-Flex connectors shall be used where appropriate to provide expansion compensation for the radiators.

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