Commercial Electric Radiators

Runtal’s electric product line combines high output and low surface temperature in a durable, low profile flat tube design. Runtal’s electric baseboard models are available in wall mounted or pedestal mounted (free standing) and are available in 120, 208, and 240-volt configurations from 3’ to 10’ lengths in increments of one foot. Our unique Wall Panels help eliminate cold spots and drafts such as with windows, and with a low profile, allow window treatments such as or blinds curtains to hang properly to the floor. Electric Wall Panels are available in two heights (17 1⁄4” & 23 1⁄8”) and three lengths (2’, 3’, & 4’). 

Commercial Electric Products

 EB Baseboard

EBP Pedestal Mounted Baseboard

EWP Wall Panels

Towel Radiators