Electric and Hydronic Runtal Towel Warmer Radiators

For years now, Europeans have found the key to unlocking a bathroom's potential is the comfort provided by the Runtal line of towel radiators. Runtal Towel Radiators offer comfortable radiant heat in the bathroom while at the same time providing the luxury of warm, dry towels and bathrobes.

Runtal Towel Radiators are available in two basic designs: flat panel and round tube. The flat-panel design consists of the electric Omnipanel II, hydronic Omnipanel, and hydronic Heritage Omnipanel. The round-tube design consists of both electric and hot water versions and includes the Neptune, Radia, Solea, Versus and Fain.

Flat-Panel Design

Electric Omnipanel II

Available in 120, 208 and 240 voltages

Hydronic Omnipanel

Many size options and accessories

Round-Tube Design

Now Available
in a Stainless Steel Version


Raised horizontal tubes


Simple, flat-profile design


Gently curved design


Bold design


Quintessential Minimalism in Stainless

As a Bathroom Heater: Just as the sun provides for optimum radiant comfort, Runtal towel radiators radiate heat evenly, gently and quietly. Runtal European-style towel radiators are available in either self-contained electric models or hydronic models which integrate into a closed-loop forced hot water heating system. Model types and sizes allow for variations in heat outputs that enable a towel radiator to be used as a supplemental heater or as the sole source of heat for the entire room.

As a Towel Warmer: As a towel warmer each Runtal product is designed to maximize towel warming capacity. There are few sensations in the world which match the feel of a toasty towel or bathrobe after bathing. From a practical perspective, Runtal towel radiators help reduce mold and mildew and keep towels fresh between laundering.

Versatility: Not only for the bathroom, Runtal towel radiators provide an attractive and versatile means to warm other difficult to heat rooms such as kitchens, entryways, laundry rooms and any room where comfort is paramount and space is limited.

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Whether you need radiant heat for your bathroom or simply want to wrap yourself in the luxury of a warm fluffy towel, the Runtal towel warmer radiator is the answer. Runtal towel radiators have been "the must have" bathroom amenity in fine European homes, inns, bed & breakfasts and hotels for over three decades. Runtal towel warmer radiators are "the real deal". Unlike some other "towel warmers" on the market that have a minimal heated surface area and only give hot spots, the Runtal towel radiator with it's expansive heated surface warms the towels completely like they came out of the clothes dryer.

The Runtal towel warmer radiator is truly a bathroom appliance. They are available in both hot water models that connect to a closed loop heating system and self-contained electric units that are independent of the central heating system and provide four- season usage. The towel radiators can either be used as a supplemental heater or be the sole source of heat for the room. Outputs available range from 800 to 7920 BTUH and can provide the necessary heat for any size bathroom. They are great alternatives or replacements for bulky cast iron radiators or fin-tube baseboard. They also complement in-floor heating which alone often lacks the necessary heat output to warm the bathroom completely. A towel radiator will also reduce the growth of mold and mildew and keep towels fresh between laundering.

Towel radiators provide an attractive means to also heat kitchens, laundry rooms, foyers, spas, saunas, pool rooms, hot tub areas, and virtually any room where comfort is paramount and space is limited.

Towel radiators are available in over a hundred colors and several designs. Runtal offers the flat-tube design in the Omnipanel and Heritage Omnipanel and the round-tube design in the Radia, Versus, Neptune, Solea and Fain.