Design assistance & custom products

At Runtal, we pride ourselves with an unrivaled selection of product lines with immediate availability. However, some of our customers need radiators that are taller, shorter, wider, or narrower than our standard product line, or are looking for that perfect color match.


We Are Here to Help

Runtal Specialty Radiators may be fabricated to match all of your architectural and aesthetic needs. Our Hydronic Product line can be produced in special lengths, heights and depths including curved radiators, segmented radiators for bay windows and high-output double panels. Our Electric products can be ordered in an additional 90 colors, however dimensional changes are not available.

Our specialized design team is ready to help you craft the perfect heating solution for your installation. We can assist you with selecting to proper amount of heat required for the geographical region and building construction and match it up with your specific room design. Please give us a call with your special needs. We look forward to providing a unique heating solution just for you.

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Special Colors

Runtal can offer a virtually endless array of color choices for the most discerning designers. We provide three tiers of color choice to match your needs and budget from our base and most popular Runtal White finish, to our available 9 optional colors. While most designers can find a match, those looking for the absolute solution we offer a palette of 90 custom colors which can be made to order on almost all of our products.

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Special Hydronic Products


Made-to-Order Baseboard


Low profile – Ideal for upgrading/replacement of finned tube and cast-iron radiators.


Beyond our range of available standard lengths, Runtal’s Made to Order baseboard is available in 1 to 4 tube heights and can be manufactured in lengths from 20 inches to 29-1/2 feet long in increments of 2 inches. Special and specific piping arrangements can be designed into your Made to Order radiator to help match existing system requirements.


Runtal’s baseboard style is perfect for situations where sheet metal-covered fin-tube or cast iron is being replaced. In these cases, it is often easiest to use the existing piping and simply order the appropriate lengths.

Made-to-Order Wall Panels

Ideal for placement under windows or on walls where floor space is at a premium.

Beyond our range of available standard wall panels, Runtal can manufacture a special design just for you. Wall panels are available in lengths 20 inches to 29-1/2 feet in increments of 2 inches. Runtal’s wall panel style radiators are ideal for placement under windows or on walls where floor space is at a premium. When placed under windows, wall panels help eliminate cold spots and drafts, while allowing curtains to hang naturally to the floor. Simply choose the height and length that best suits your design and output requirements.

Made-to-Order Vertical Panels

Ideal for situations with limited floor space for radiators or simply a compliment to the décor.

Runtal’s vertical panels are ideal for situations with limited floor space for radiators. Runtal’s vertical panels are available in heights from 20 inches to 29-1/2 feet in increments of 2 inches.

High Output Double radiators:
VLX Series

Runtal offers the VLX Series of high output radiators for applications where space is limited, and high heat output is required. These double and triple radiators provide a significant increase in heat output and are available in a double panel (VLX-VX) or triple finned panel (VLX-2) design.  For more complete VLX-VX specifications, please refer to the Runtal technical pages, or better yet give us a call.

Column Radiators

Runtal column radiators are ideal for floor-to-ceiling window applications and may also be used as a balustrade or knee-wall. Column radiators allow a view out. They may be either wall-mounted, or pedestal-mounted, away from the wall. They are available in lengths from 6 inches to 20 feet. Available in ten standard colors as well as an array of designer colors.

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Curved & Segmented Radiators

Runtal offers curved radiators, segmented radiators for bay windows, and high output radiators. These radiators are custom made to your order. Please contact Runtal with your special needs. Providing a unique heating solution is a Runtal specialty.