Trim Covers

trim and piping covers

Runtal offers a complete complement of trims to cover both bottom and side piping. Care should be taken to ensure that all piping has been done with standard trim covers in mind. Vertical trim covers are available in both 3″ and 10″ heights and are designed to cover the straight vertical pipe between the radiator and the floor. They can easily be field cut for heights other than 3″ and 10″. Horizontal trims are used to cover piping from the side of the radiators. Straight trims (used as End trims and Center Trims) are 12″ long. Inside and Outside Corner Trims are 12″x 12″ and End Cap Trims are either 6″  right hand or 6″ left hand. Other Trims are availanle upon request. 


Center Trim – 12″ long


End Trim – 12″ long



End Cap Trim –  6″ long



Inside Corner Trim – 12″ x 12″ 



Outside Corner Trim – 12″ x 12″ 


Vertical Pipe Trim – 3″ and 10″ high