Model Type UFLT


UFLT panel radiators are manufactured in the USA from cold rolled steel. The panels are finished in gloss powdercoat and available in many standard colors and over 100 optional colors. These panels are made in lengths from 2-0 to 24-0, and heights from 5 7/8 to 14 3/8. Standard piping connections are 1/2 NPT for inlet and outlet piping, and 1/8 NPT for vents. For more complete UFLT specifications, please refer to the Runtal technical pages.


Energy efficient as well as space saving. The UFLT combines the output of a UF radiator with an inactive front panel, making the UFLT perfect for spanning window mullions or where a lower temperature front face is desired. Various average water temperatures (AWT) are shown here for convenience, but for more specific conditions use the appropriate correction factor with the 215F rating. Please see the technical pages for the correction factor best suited to the design conditions.
BTUH/ft Ratings @ 65F EAT
MODEL HEIGHT inches DEPTH inches 215F 180F 140F
UFLT-2 5.7 1.6 867 610 349
UFLT-3 8.6 1.6 1118 787 451
UFLT-4 11.5 1.6 1351 951 544
UFLT-5 14.4 1.6 1718 1209 692



K12LT Bracket Assembly

Mount to UFLT tubes

Mount to wall studs, window mullions,
or other suitable


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