Model Type RV
Quick Specifications

RV-3 with Both Side & Vertical Connections - Shown for Example Only

Panel Radiator Specification

1. Radiators are manufactured of cold rolled low carbon steel, fully welded and consisting of header pipes at each end, connected by flat oval water tubes.
2. Three tube thicknesses are available:
Standard Pressure - 0.048" min wall thickness
Medium Pressure - 0.058" min wall thickness
High Pressure - 0.078" min wall thickness
3. Radiator header pipes are square 0.109" min wall thickness and include all necessary supply, return, and air vent connections. Internal baffling is provided as required.
4. Standard piping connections are 1/2" NPT taper threaded sockets, located in either side, or vertical positions. Optional 3/4" NPT connections are available. Air vent connections are 1/8" NPT taper threaded sockets.
5. Three working pressures are available:
Standard Pressure - 56 psi max (Tested at 74 psi)
Medium Pressure - 85 psi max (Tested at 110 psi)
High Pressure - 128 psi max (Tested at 184 psi)
6. Radiator expansion does not exceed 0.016 inch per linear foot at 215F. Expansion compensation to be provided in the piping as required, by others.
7. Radiators are cleaned and phosphatized in preparation for the powder coat finish.
8. Radiators are painted with a gloss powder coat finish, for a total paint thickness of 2 to 3 mils (0.002"-0.003").
9. Color of the finish paint shall be selected from available standard or optional colors prior to ordering.
10. A gray primer powder coat finish is available as a base coat for a custom paint finish by others.
11. Wall mounting brackets are provided with radiators, unless floor posts are specified.
12. Necessary wall support blocking for proper radiator mounting shall be by others.
13. Radiators are manufactured in the USA to the sizes, capacities, and quantities as shown on the plans and schedules.

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