Residential Baseboard & Wall Panels: UF Series

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  • Easy to Buy: Tell your wholesaler you want Runtal Baseboard or Wallpanels (they’re white): The other 9 standard colors take 2 weeks to manufacture. In Baseboard choose a height (6”, 9”, 12”) and a length (2’-14’). In Wallpanels choose a height (18”, 24”) in a 2’, 3’ or 4’ lengths. It’s that easy, and you can now take it with you!

  • Easy to Install: Uniform fittings allow each radiator to be piped eight different ways. Continuous Mounting eliminates the need for backing. Simply wall mount (hardware included). All pipe fittings are 1/2” NPT with 1/8” NPT Vent Fittings (Manual Vent Included!). Standard Pipe Covers are also in stock.

  • Easy to Sell: Whether it’s a one radiator renovation, or a whole house, using Runtal will impress your customer. Runtal is attractive, durable, healthy, and comfortable. Runtal may be used as a direct replacement for fin-tube or cast iron baseboard (see tips on installation), or it may be used with water temperatures as low as 140° F, (making it a perfect radiant alternative or complement to floor heating). Runtal Radiators carry a 5-year warranty.


Heat Output:
per  Foot*
600 BTUH/ft.*
770 BTUH/ft.*
930 BTUH/ft.*
1430 BTUH/ft.*
1810 BTUH/ft.*
Length & Heat Output:

2 ft. 1,200 1,540 1,860 2,860 3,620
2.5 ft 1,500 1,925 2,325    
3 ft. 1,800 2,310 2,790 4,290 5,430
3.5 ft 2,100 2,695 3,255    
4 ft. 2,400 3,080 3,720 5,720 7,240
5 ft. 3,000 3,850 4,650    
6 ft. 3,600 4,620 5,580    
7 ft. 4,200 5,390 6,510    
8 ft. 4,800 6,160 7,440    
9 ft. 5,400 6,930 8,370    
10 ft. 6,000 7,700 9,300    
11 ft. 6,600 8,470 10,230    
12 ft. 7,200 9,240 11,160    
13 ft. 7,800 10,010 12,090    
14 ft. 8,400 10,780 13,020    

Installation Tips for Runtal Baseboard/Wallpanels

Roughing In: The rough in dimensions are the same for all 5 heights.

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  • Always plan to pipe directly into the radiator. “U” shapes should be avoided. Always check your piping scheme in advance to be sure of clearance from joists, etc.

Mounting: The mounting system is identical on all 5 heights.

  • Use all of the K-12 brackets provided with each radiator.
  • Place 1 bracket 6” in from each end, and equally space the rest.
  • Mount bracket on studs whenever possible (use appropriate method for non-stud mounting).
  • Mount radiators 3” from the floor for optimum efficiency, ease of vacuuming, and proper trim cover fit. However a minimum of 1” between radiator and finished floor is permissible.
  • Be sure to install leveling bolt (K-45) prior to piping radiator.

Piping: Each radiator may be piped eight different ways.
This should allow for the most efficient and most attractive installation.

  • Piping should be kept to a minimum and should be planned to match the standard trims.
  • Always install the air vent (included) opposite the supply side of the radiator.
  • Be sure to properly seal the flush plugs (included) in the unused fittings (3/8” and 3/16” hex wrenches required).
  • Be sure to leave room for piping inside corners. You will need two to three inches plus working room, minimum.

Trim Covers: There are 2 types of standard trim covers:
Vertical Covers and Horizontal Covers.
Please refer to Runtal’s “Radiator Trim Sheet” for complete information.

Vertical Covers

Vertical Covers: These come standard in 3” and 10” heights and are designed to cover straight vertical pipe between the radiator and the floor. They can be easily field cut for heights other than 3” and 10”.

Horizontal Covers: Standard trims simply snap into place. Straight Trims (used as End Trims & Center Trims) are 12” long. Inside Corners are 12” x 12” and End Cap Trims are either 6” x 2” (right hand) or 2” x 6” (left hand). Outside Corner Trims and other special trims are readily available on request.

Horizontal Covers

  • Horizontal trims require a minimum of 2” overlap on the radiator for proper fit.
  • It may be easier to purchase trims after the radiators are installed, but care should be taken to ensure that all piping has been done with standard trim configurations in mind.
  • If you are unable to use standard trims on an installation, please call for custom trim options.

System: Runtal will work well in both High and Low temperature closed loop systems.

  • Always test the system with air at a maximum pressure of 50 PSI prior to wet testing.
  • Runtal baseboard may be used with fin-tube, but the fin-tube will perform better if the Runtal is at the end of the loop.
  • Runtal is compatible with cast iron baseboard and cast iron radiators.
  • In series installation: an individual loop should not exceed 30,000 Btuh or 7 radiators.
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