Made-to-order Wall Panel Radiators by Runtal: VLX Series

  Perfect replacement for cast iron radiators
  Ideal under windows--allows curtains to hang to the floor 
  Allows more flexible furniture placement

Runtal's wall panel style radiators are ideal for placement under windows or on walls where floor space is at a premium. When placed under windows, wall panels help eliminate cold spots and drafts, while allowing curtains to hang naturally to the floor. Simply choose the height and length that best suits your design and output requirements. Wall panels are available in lengths 20 inches to 29-1/2 feet in increments of 2 inches.  Ten standard colors as well as an array of designer colors are available.

Wall panel radiators are available with or without fins. When hung, the radiators have the same appearance, however the addition of fins increases the output of the panels.

Available from 20 inches to 29-1/2 feet in width


      With Fins Without Fins
of Tubes
Height Depth Model
per ft.
per ft.
5 14.4" 2" VLX35/35 1240 BTUH VX35 700 BTUH
6 17.3" 2" VLX42/42 1430 BTUH VX42 840 BTUH
7 20.2" 2" VLX49/49 1620 BTUH VX49 990 BTUH
8 23.1" 2" VLX56/56 1810 BTUH VX56 1130 BTUH
9 26.1" 2" VLX63/56 1890 BTUH VX63 1280 BTUH
10 29" 2" VLX70/56 2020 BTUH VX70 1420 BTUH

*Outputs shown are figured at 180F

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Operation & Maintenance

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