The vast majority of homes in the US utilize some version of a forced air heating and cooling system to provide primary heating and cooling for indoor comfort. There are several ways to generate the warm or cool air which is then forced by means of a large fan through a series of ductwork though out the home.  One very popular device is called a Heat Pump.

Originally derived from an air conditioning (cooling) unit, the heat pump basically reverses the refrigeration cycle when heat is needed. However, heat pumps are MUCH better at cooling than they are at heating a space, and by delivering the heat with moving air, they can produce a chilly, breezy feeling to the occupant. This condition is especially bad when outside temperatures drop below freezing, and the heat pump has a hard time “keeping up” with the needs of the space. A PERFECT solution to this drafty cool feeling is Runtal’s series of EB3 baseboard, EWP wall panels and Omni Panel II towel radiators. These simple to install, architecturally designed heaters provide radiant and convective heat for any room where drafty windows, doors, or hard surfaces feel cold during the winter. By providing both radiant heat (like sitting in the sun) and convective heat (natural “heat rises” principle) these fully welded steel products are second to none when it comes to solving the forced air heat pump problem. Perfect bathroom dual comfort: Whether you choose our baseboard, wall panel or Omni Panel II electric heaters you are guaranteed an abundance of warm comfort. For even more functionality, the Omni Panel II product line serves as a towel radiator and comes ready to install in your bathroom with an adjustable towel bar and series of accessories and colors to match your bathroom decor.  Experience the warmth of the sun, and a warm, dry towel when you step out of the shower instead of a cold breeze and damp cold towel.