Discover the New Wave of Radiant Heating

Runtal Radiators offer the unparalleled comfort of soft, radiant heat and
sleek Eurostyle design, at a price you can afford.

Comfort, Style, Energy Efficiency, Versatility, & Durability are all engineered into every radiator that Runtal builds. No surprise there, since Runtal invented panel radiators back in the 1950ís; and Runtalís state of the art manufacturing facility at Ward Hill, MA is a world leader in Radiator Technology and Specialty Design. Runtalís flattened steel tube design provides maximum radiant comfort in a space-saving design, which allows Runtal to be integrated as part of the architectural scheme, rather than being tacked on to it.

5-Year Limited Warranty: Runtal radiators are warranted for five years against defects in materials or manufacturing.

Reduced Heating Costs: Runtalís broad radiating surface areas reduce energy consumption by providing soft, radiant comfort at lower thermostat settings.

Color and Finishes: Runtal offers ten standard colors, over 100 optional colors, as well as custom color matching. A limited number of metallic finishes are also available.

Rugged Durability: Runtalís rugged all-welded steel construction ensures long life at peak operating efficiency. Runtalís powder coat finish provides a long-lasting, easy to maintain, protective finish.

Style and Design Flexibility: Runtal offers a sleek, slim 2Ē profile in a huge variety of sizes and models, most with standard structural steel grille. Runtal also offers a large number of accessory products to complete the design package.

Healthy: Runtalís designs are easy to clean, minimize air movement, will not trap dust, or dry out the air. Quiet, Comfortable Radiant Heating Runtal Radiators provide an exceptionally quiet blanket of radiant warmth, with no drafts, cold spots, or dry air.

Quick Installation: Single piece construction, made to order lengths, continuous mounting, and individual wrapping and tagging make Runtal radiators easy to order and easy to install.

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