Curved Wall Applications

R, RF, and RS2 Column radiators can be curved for either Convex or Concave walls. There is a variety of radius, length and deflection criteria required to specify the quantity and types of radiators needed to meet the curvature. Follow the diagrams here for each curve. Contact your local Runtal Representative for detailed curved radiator submittal sheets.


Field curved Runtal radiators are specially made to be used where larger curvatures are found: auditoriums, malls, lobbys, cafeterias, and museums, for example. They are field installed along the wall or window mullions with a simple bracket system and a piping arrangement to match each project. This is a very cost effective way to heat the perimeter of a curved building.

  •  Minimum radius is 15 feet

  • Minimum radiator length is 15 feet long

  • Only single panel radiators can be field curved, double panel radiators cannot be  curved

  • A single radiator can be curved to only 1/4 of the total circle


Factory Curved & Segmented Runtal radiators are used for smaller curvatures. Applications such as bay windows, or very tight curves are found in fine homes, mansions, historic renovations, towers and theatres, for example. These radiators are specially manufactured by highly skilled craftsmen, and may be easily installed along the wall with a simple bracket system and a piping arrangement to match each project. These elegant radiators have to be seen in order to be fully appreciated. 

  • The maximum angle which can be segmented is 135 degrees

  • Double panel radiators cannot be segmented

  • Minimum radius is 5 feet on non-finned units

  • Minimum radius is 10 feet on finned units

  • Maximum radiator length is:
    20 ft. (non-finned radiators)
    16 ft. (finned radiators)

  • Double panel radiators can sometimes be factory-curved, contact Runtal for availability.


Wall mounting is the easiest way to install curved or segmented Runtal Radiators. These radiators are specially made with the proper bracketing required for a smooth- looking installation. Runtal recommends wall blocking and lockdown brackets for curved radiators to ensure secure mounting. Segmented Runtal Radiators are easily wall mounted with standard brackets, included with each order.

Floor Mounting along a curved wall is an alternative way to install Runtal Radiators. Floor mount brackets are specially manufactured to match the radiators in both quality workmanship and color. Floor Mounting is a cost effective way to install radiators along curved glass walls or other applications where wall mounting is not an option. For further details on these specialty radiators, contact your local Runtal Representative today.

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