Valves and Vent

Combination Union –
Shut Off Valves
Runtal offers two types of combination shut off/ union valves that are suitable for balancing and shut off isolation. The VALVE-ST and VALVE-ANG are available in both ½” and ¾” NPT sizes (male threaded union x female threaded connection). The nickel plated VALVE-ST and VALVE-ANG are available in either a straight or angle pattern and may be used in pairs or in combination with the control valves. The DEC-ANG is a decorative chrome angle valve used in pairs to provide elegant connections for towel radiators or radiators .

Self-Contained Thermostatic
Control Valves

These nickel plated control valves, combined with the proper control head (as shown below) provide thermostatic control at the radiator. The are available in straight, angle, or reverse angle configurations in both 1/2” and 3/4” sizes (male threaded union X female threaded connections).

Sensor Control Heads
These control sensors are used in conjunction with self-contained control valves above. The CONTROL-SENSOR should be used with the straight or reverse angle valves, where the control sensor head is in the open air. The REMOTE-SEN should be used where the valve and sensor head are behind a pipe trim. The CONTROL-SENSOR is available with a white or black finish.


Compact Union-Ball Valve
The VALVE-PC is a chrome plated handleless union-shutoff valve, suitable for exposed installation, or installation inside the PC pipe cover. It is available in 1/2” male NPT X 1/2” sweat connection only.
Air Vent
The chrome plated NPT-MV is the standard air vent available from Runtal.


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