Electric towel racks, or radiators, are as popular as ever before. Once viewed as a feature of a well-to-do home, the average homeowner is starting to understand their benefits. Let’s face it – who doesn’t want an electric towel rack which removes the moisture from the material while heating the entire room? It looks stunning too and is suitable for almost every budget.

There’s no doubt an electric rack is a no-brainer if you want to add something special and different to your bathroom. Still, it’s not easy figuring out which makes and models are the right fit.

The good news is you’ve come to the right place. Here, you’ll learn about everything from the best new products on the market and the ones to avoid. Whether you’re trying to use hard-to-reach space in the bathroom or are taking on a refurbishment job, this guide has you covered. All you need to do is to continue reading to find out all there is to know about electric towel racks.


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How Will It Be Installed?

Before committing to an electric towel rack, make sure that you have an acceptable amount of Electric supply to the area. Although these products do not consume more than 6 Amps ( 120V) consider a dedicated circuit for the warmer. Of course we recommend and qualified electrician install the product to make sure all proper build and electric codes are met.

Can I Do It Myself?

Installing a towel rack depends on the following things:

– The layout and shape of your bathroom, en-suite or kitchen
– The dimensions of the area
– Doors and bathroom fixtures and fittings
– The size of the component you prefer or require.

Therefore, it’s generally not a good idea to install your own unless you understand the above. Although it can be relatively easy with the right tools, there is always an element of danger with electricity. Even when the main switch is in the off position, shocks can happen. We recommend speaking to a professional and talking through your options before attempting the DIY option.


How Will You Use It?

After installation, it’s important to focus on how it will get used after the fact. For example, you need to know the location, the type of rack, and the general usage policies.

Of course, the bathroom is the perfect place for an electric towel rack as that’s the main room for towels. It’s not as if you have them strewn around the house on the off chance there’s spillage. And, because bathrooms have lots of unreachable spaces, a rack makes even more sense. They are designed in different shapes so that they can fit snugly into corners or climb the walls like metal ivy. But, you’re not limited to this one room. Electric towel racks are also feasible in kitchens. Again, they don’t take up too much space, plus they are very stylish and offset the trends. With dish towels and cloths, yours will get a lot of use from day one.

Depending on your preferences, there are three main types of towel radiators to choose from. They are:

– central heating racks
– duel fuel racks, and
– electric racks

While the two former options have their good points, we deal with electric towels racks. First of all, they are accessible all year round. Unfortunately, 50% of homes in the US aren’t connected to the gas grid. Therefore, the central heating types are pointless. With an electric towel rack, there will be warm water flowing to the feature as long as the electricity is on.


Electric Towel Racks

What else makes them superior? Well, the thing that we love about them the most is their flexibility. Property owners tend to be generalized as homeowners, yet this isn’t always the case. Lots of people, especially millennials, rent apartments as they don’t have the money for a mortgage. The electric towel rack variety is perfect for apartments and high-rise buildings as they don’t require the same level of water pressure. With tenants sharing H2O, getting radiators up to temp is tough, which is where this rack comes in handy.

Another reason we prefer electricity over gas is the fact that no renovations are needed. Consider your conservatory or outhouse for a moment – is it cold. A towel rack is a fashionable and effective way to get the mercury flowing, as long as no extensions are required. If you plump for a gas option, the central heating system might need lengthening. The majority of houses, extensions included, are often wired up so an electric version is never normally an issue.

As well as the above, they are also:

– easy to install
– cost-effective
– pleasing to the eye
– they are quick to heat up and dry towels.


What Size Do You Need?

If you are only looking to keep towels dry, a small rack will be sufficient. As long as there aren’t any pressure issues, it will give off enough heat on a regular basis. Some people like to use them as a dual purpose feature. For example, to heat towels and to warm the room too. In this case, a regular sized electric towel rack should be enough to emit heat throughout the room.

Of course, as well as the pressure, it depends on the size of the room. The best option is to figure out the required wattage and turn them into BTUs. This will give you a much clearer picture of the type of rack you need and its power.

Don’t forget about the shape and the amount of space in the room also. It’s pointless buying a massive electric towel rack if it won’t fit. A good trick is to use the height of the bathroom to your advantage. A tiered ladder-style option will maximize space and give off lots of heat.


How Much Will It Cost?

Every project is different. To find out more about the cost and how we can help, head to Runtal Electric Products. Alternatively, call us on 866-335-8734 for more information.