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Every Runtal Radiator made for North America is proudly Made in the USA in Ward Hill Massachusetts.

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Are you looking for a high quality free standing electric baseboard radiator that will keep your home cozy and comfortable? Do you want a silent heater that will quickly warm up your home? Look no further than our Runtal Free Standing Electric Baseboard Radiators.

These Free Standing units are a perfect addition to any room and are ideal for large glass coverage ( floor to ceiling glass).   Both sides of the unit are finished, so they look great from inside and outside. As with all of our unique products the Free Standing Electric baseboard radiators emit radiant heat and convective warmth creating a warm and cozy and energy friendly environment.

Free Standing Electric Baseboard Radiators offer a number of benefits, including:

  • A variety of colors to match your home
  • Sleek, slim designs
  • Ability to control and program comfort using your through your smartphone when you add an RST thermostat
  • No tripping hazard
  • Ability to heat only the rooms you are in
  • Combat drafts
  • Every Runtal Radiator made for North America is proudly Made in the USA in Ward Hill Massachusetts. 

You can install free standing electric baseboard heaters anywhere that you need extra heat, and are simple to install. ( We recommend a professional electrician to meet all required building codes).

Electric baseboard radiators are virtually silent and do not require any ductwork.

Baseboard heaters allow you to lower the temperature in any room that you are not using. This can help to cut your energy costs.

Do you have an older home that is cold and drafty? Are you looking for an affordable heat source that will radiate warmth in your rooms? Do you have rooms that you do not use often and do not want to waste your energy costs to heat those rooms? Order your Runtal Free Standing Electric Baseboard Radiators today!

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Additional information

Length (Ft)

3', 4', 5', 6', 7', 8', 9', 10'

Height (In)

10 1/8"


Runtal White – 9010R, Almond – R001, Cream White – 9001, Glacier Grey – 9018, Grey Blue – 5008, Grey Brown – 8019, Grey White – 9002, Moss Green – 6005, Runtal Steel – 9007, Wine Red – 3005


120, 208, 240

Model Number

PED-108-120D, PED-108-208D, PED-108-240D, PED-120-120D, PED-120-208D, PED-120-240D, PED-36-120D, PED-36-208D, PED-36-240D, PED-48-120D, PED-48-208D, PED-48-240D, PED-60-120D, PED-60-208D, PED-60-240D, PED-72-120D, PED-72-208D, PED-72-240D, PED-84-120D, PED-84-208D, PED-84-240D, PED-96-120D, PED-96-208D, PED-96-240D