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An electric Omnipanel is a self-contained unit that operates independently. It can heat up your towels or any other clothing accessories. You can also use it to heat an entire room and add a unique sense of fashion in it.

Our customizable electric Omnipanel complements any type of decor and allows you to maximize the benefits of heat. Imagine getting out of the shower in a pre-heated room and taking your warm towel and feeling the warmth wrapping around you.

Here are the specs of our high-end electric Omnipanel:

– 24 width

– Customizable height: you can choose from 3 models, each with a different height: 26, 35 and 44

– 2 types of units: with or without controls

– Several types of colors to choose from: cream white, glacier, almond, moss green, wine red, grey blue, metallic satin nickel and Runtal white

– Voltage: 120, 208 or 240

– Several types of models that cater to all our customers’ needs

– Every Runtal Radiator made for North America is proudly Made in the USA in Ward Hill Massachusetts. 

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All electric Omnipanels are 24″ wide.

Additional information

Height (In)

26", 35", 44"


No Control, On/Off Toggle


Runtal White – 9010R, Almond – R001, Cream White – 9001, Glacier Grey – 9018, Grey Blue – 5008, Grey Brown – 8019, Grey White – 9002, Metallic Aluminum – 9008, Metallic Satin Nickel – R640, Moss Green – 6005, Runtal Steel – 9007, Wine Red – 3005, Designer Color


120, 208, 240

Model Number

OPII-12-24-120D, OPII-12-24-120H, OPII-12-24-208D, OPII-12-24-208H, OPII-12-24-240D, OPII-12-24-240H, OPII-15-24-120D, OPII-15-24-120H, OPII-15-24-208D, OPII-15-24-208H, OPII-15-24-240D, OPII-15-24-240H, OPII-9-24-120D, OPII-9-24-120H, OPII-9-24-208D, OPII-9-24-208H, OPII-9-24-240D, OPII-9-24-240H