Radiator Selection

Runtal offers a wide selection of "stock" as well as "made to order" radiators. To size the radiators, it is necessary to calculate a house's heat requirement. This calculation, measured in BTU/Hour, should be done on a room-by-room basis. Either a heating contractor or a qualified plumber can do this.

Rules of Thumb for Regions of the Country

  • New England, Upper Midwest, or Southern Ontario: 40 BTUH per square foot of floor area

  • New York City to Philadelphia: 40 BTUH

  •  Philadelphia to Washington, DC: 35 BTUH

  • Seattle to Portland: 25 BTUH

Choosing the Radiator Style

First, determine the height and length of the wall area you want to use for the radiator(s).

Second, divide the BTUH requirement of the room by the total length of wall space chosen for radiator placement. This will establish the BTUH per foot required.

Third, select a model which has a BTUH per foot rating within 10% of the level calculated for the unit (Note that BTUH for the vertical panel is per foot of HEIGHT while others are per foot of LENGTH).

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