RuntalAire™ provides some of the very best air filtration technologies available today, including the patented Flimmer® filter, HEPA, charcoal and photocatalytic (Ultra Violet light) sanitation.


Stage 1
The unique Flimmer® filter system, designed and patented by Zehnder, provides the first stage of filtration, capturing airborne particulate via electrostatic fields created by the filter’s unique vibrating stimuli. As the first line of defense, the Flimmer® filter captures and retains up to 400% more dust/dander and fine particles than a standard filter, and can last up to eighteen months before replacement is required (dependent on environmental conditions).

Stage 2 & 3
HEPA and activated carbon filtration further cleanse the air removing 99% of all particulates down to 2.5 parts per million. Impregnated with activated charcoal, odors caused by microparticulate are neutralized.

Stage 4
Finally, the photocatalytic filter and UV light stage eliminates volatile organic compounds in the air and sterilizes microbes typically responsible for airborne virus and fungi proliferation.

The Result
Up to 144 CFM of pure, filtered, clean and healthy air is delivered into your indoor living environment.


The RuntalAire™ unit not only purifies the air, it also provides continuous measurement and display of the space air quality. Built-in sensor technology detects and displays air particulate levels, VOC gas, temperature, and humidity. If you choose, RuntalAire’s™ intelligence monitoring will automatically adjust to maintain the room air quality based on preset purity definitions. Or, you can choose to manually operate the air flow and thus rates of filtration based on your specific requirements. The RuntalAire™ unit will produce a clean air delivery rate (CADR) of 140 CFM when operated on high speed, suitable for multiple applications in the home, school, medical environments, and office space up to 323 square feet.


All RuntalAire™ products are covered by a limited 1-year warranty

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