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Electric Baseboard Prices

Model # 120 Volt       Model # 208 Volt  Model # 240 Volt Length (Ft) Height (In) Price
EB3-36-120D EB3-36-208D EB3-36-240D 3' 10 1/8" $661
EB3-48-120D EB3-48-208D EB3-48-240D 4' 10 1/8" $697
  EB3-60-120D EB3-60-208D EB3-60-240D 5' 10 1/8" $747
  EB3-72-120D EB3-72-208D EB3-72-240D 6' 10 1/8" $784
  EB3-84-120D EB3-84-208D EB3-84-240D 7' 10 1/8" $824
  EB3-96-120D EB3-96-208D EB3-96-240D 8' 10 1/8" $859
  EB3-108-120D EB3-108-208D EB3-108-240D 9' 10 1/8" $898
  EB3-120-120D EB3-120-208D EB3-120-240D 10' 10 1/8" $948

Electric Wall Panel Prices

Model # 120 Volt       Model # 208 Volt  Model # 240 Volt Length (Ft) Height (In) Price
EWP6-24-120D EWP6-24-208D EWP6-24-240D 2' 17 1/4" $850
EWP6-36-120D EWP6-36-208D EWP6-36-240D 3' 17 1/4" $1050
EWP6-48-120D EWP6-48-208D EWP6-48-240D 4' 17 1/4" $1295
EWP8-24-120D EWP8-24-208D EWP8-24-240D 2' 23 1/8" $995
  EWP8-36-120D EWP8-36-208D EWP8-36-240D 3' 23 1/8" $1275
  EWP8-48-120D EWP8-48-208D EWP8-48-240D 4' 23 1/8" $1595

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When it comes to making a house a home, there is no substitute for the comfort and convenience of Runtal Radiators. Runtal Radiators operate as part of a closed-loop heating system- hydronics. Runtal provides a soothing blanket of radiant warmth through easy to clean panels and with the durability to last. A well designed Runtal system also operates quietly, minimizing the annoying pinging and popping that one often experiences with other heat distribution systems.

Runtal Radiators can blend into a traditional dłecor, highlight an ultra modern design or accent any style in between. From baseboard style, to wallpanels, to fancy curves and dramatic vertical room dividers, Runtal manufacturers the perfect welded steel radiator for every application. Since Runtal manufacturers an almost unlimited selection of sizes, colors and heat outputs, Runtal is truly a homeowner, architect, designer and heating and plumbing contractor's dream. Innovation in architectural detail, and interior design are no longer held hostage to the "old rules" of mechanical heating systems.

As fuel costs, indoor air pollutants and system maintenance costs continue to rise, Americans are becoming increasingly concerned with the cost of a comfortable indoor environment. Runtal's unique flattened tube design, combined with a rugged all welded steel construction allow for significantly increased heat transfer. In addition, a well-designed Runtal system allows for a smaller boiler and pump and less piping. All of this adds up to a comfortable, attractive and efficient heating system.